Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Fixation With Floating

The sign is still there. I'm still wondering who drinks reclaimed toilet water?

Do y'all remember last year when I was feeling the need to do some serious floating-around-the-community-pool-and-pretending-to-swim exercise? And then I switched swim clubs? And then my dumb stupid subacute cutaneous lupus decided to flare and I was covered in red blotchy things? And then a sign went up in the new pool's locker room that said NOBODY IN THE POOL WITH RASHES and I got all huffy and quit?

Well. The lupus rash is gone.....shhhh......don't let it know that WE know....and I find myself wanting to bob around in a large body of water again. (I've also realized that I should have just taken my note from my doctors over to the pool staff and just talked to them about it all). 

What is it about water? Specifically, the feeling of being suspended in water? I love it. Just love it. Sure, I make the token swishes and kicks with the arms and feet, but that's not what motivates me to actually find and put a swimming suit on this plus size body of mine. Which has to be a seriously strong motivation, if you know what I mean.

For whatever reason, I'm feeling as though I have to float. Not that I WANT to, or would LIKE to, or might ENJOY it; but that I absolutely must get into some water. I feel a sense of renewal while I'm floating in water that I can't seem to find anywhere else. After I towel off from a swim, I feel squeaky clean inside and out. Tired -- yes, perhaps even perspiring with the exertion of putting my bra back on -- but filled with a strange combination of calm and refreshment. 

So yesterday I just couldn't resist the need for a real pool soaking and drove myself over to the community center -- the one with the pool that I was NOT thrown out of -- and signed up again. I have my brand new spiff ID badge and cool athletic looking lanyard, now all I need to do is to find all those things that I had put together in a swim bag before: the thing to lock my locker, my shampoo,  my water shoes, and....oh, right. My swimming suit. Bleah. 

Getting my swim bag together may seriously be all of the exercise that I can manage today, since it will probably require lots of trips up and down the stairs and a significant amount of energy-sapping rummaging. But make no mistake -- I'll be bobbing, and SOON. Oooo. I see that they are offering a new aqua yoga class that is listed as a beginner class. Hmm. 

I wonder what my buddies, the Senior Water Aerobics Class  gals are up to? 

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Shara from Seattle said...

I usually went to my local pool. I visited the new pool.They had a thing against fat girls I just caught hell everytime I went there .Wrong time, wrong pool.I went back to my senior class. There is a woman that is a 100 years old. I just follow her.