Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You're in a Flare, Too?

My user name on Sjogren's World Forums is Annj5. Because all the good Julia names were already taken. If you see me there, say hi! 


Ever since I've been whining about my most recent flare, I've heard from lots of other sjoggies sharing that they are dealing with them as well. (For those lucky folks who don't know firsthand what a flare is, read this.)

Autoimmune Gal recently posted: January and early February were a tough time for me.  I was in a flare.  It started with my eyes going from very dry to completely parched and always painful.......Then the symptoms cascaded from there…neurological symptoms, fatigue, joint pain, you name it.

Kelly commented: It seems to me that often the talk about flares clusters around the time periods when I am experiencing flares as well. Could it be weather patterns/moon phases or just the fact that when we are in a flare we seek the company of those who understand?

Shara said: OMG! I'm feeling better from my flare too!We must be on the same cycle, kinda like periods isn't it! HA! It came in on a full moon.

Sheryl Aronson calls flares "days like this" and describes her most recent one here.

Annie shared: I'm just out of a very long exhaustive funk and just starting to feel better.

Kristen wrote about a recent flare on her site, Sjoggie StAHMer,  .... my "mom duties" don't stop just because I am in a flare and hurting.

I strongly suspect a flare is involved after reading Amy's comment: Just this morning I was hurling obscenities. I even Googled the relation between pain and anger.

I entered the word "flare" on the Sjogren's World Forum, and came up with 103 pages of results. Whew.

Is there some kind of global autoimmune flare schedule that my brain doesn't know about but my body does? I distinctly recall my first rheumatologist commenting that it's common to have flares in Sjogren's syndrome when the seasons change, most often spring and fall. I wish I could find some studies or other documentation to support that comment, but I can't, even though I strongly suspect that it's true.

Are you in a flare too, or have had one recently?

Oh, and somebody get Amy some ice cream ASAP. One scoop or two?


sue said...

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. I haven't really had a flare, although I have aches and pains, dry eyes and dry mouth all the time. I occasionally have vasculitis show up in my legs but I haven't had any spots in months (the fall I think). I guess I am very fortunate.

Blogger Mama said...

Good thought. I usually end up with one humdinger of a flare in January or February every year. The funk starts and then I suddenly realize that I am in a flare as well. I know it's always around the time that we are getting the least amount of ourdoor/sunshine time in PA. I wonder if that, indirectly, has something to do with everyone's flares right now? The fact that our country isn't getting as sunshine this time of year combined with the cold in most of the country.

Amy Junod said...

I believe that I was in "Flare Denial" for days. I thought that I just over extended myself.
I have "flair" for my flares- a soft kitty bracelet that I wear to let the family know to beware, courteous and that I'm to not be held responsible. For anything!
I did read a great article on anger and autoimmune disease. Just as there are the 7 stages of grief upon the death, we actually repeat this process with each stage of the disease.
So, this is me accepting that I am indeed in a flare.
Hi, my name is Amy and I am flaring.
Now someone cut this bracelet off of me and give me 2 SCOOPS- STAT!

Unknown said...

My rheumatologist say the same thing about seeing a lot of flares in the fall and spring. He says that when our immune systems are overstimulated by allergens, apparently those of us with AI diseases often start flaring. I'm not sure about right now, though--maybe it's the weather changing back and forth and confusing our bodies (at least here in New England, it's been bitter cold and then just chilly and is about to get really cold again).

Anonymous said...

I have mentioned this to my Rhumy...abut the seasonal intensity connection, and well, you know...that look...
I think/feel summer to fall is just as bad.
It is rugged!

cargillwitch said...

my flare cycles are decided related to hormonal shifts - as I am still menstruating I can almost mark the days off on the calendar. I have noted professionally that more clients seem to have
1. emotional breakdowns.
2.bladder infections.
3. increased depression or mania
around the Vernal or autumnal equinox. ( spring/fall) at least here in the Northern hemisphere!

AutoimmuneGal said...

Well, I guess the upside of our coordinated flares is that we can at least commiserate together. It would be interesting if most of us seem to feel better around the same time too. We should make up a Flare song --> Flares Flares go away and don't you come back any given day.

Julia Oleinik said...

Hm.....I think AutoimmuneGal is onto something with her flare song idea.....

Kelly said...

Instead of Menopause the Musical ours could be Sjogren's Song and Dance. Any of you who have not seen Menopause the Musical, JUMP at the next opportunity. Laughter, still the best medicine!

Blogger Mama said...

To the tune of Carly Rae Jepsen's song Call Me Maybe....

"Hey I just met you, and this is crazy.

I'm having a flare up, it's Sjogren's Baby!"

Hmmm.....I am totally going to write this. Epic! lol

last time 49 said...

This is me. Full moon flare started last month and is still raging into May. And last big one was in fall. I was afraid to tell anyone for fear they would think I was crazy. But I'm not!