Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yeah. Prednisone Will do That to You Every Time....

What I needed to buy:

One minuscule two ounce jar of pimentos. 

What I actually bought:

I love the owl picture. 

Can I really blame attribute this Goldie-full-of-stuff to my increased dose of prednisone? Yes? No? Maybe?

I'm thinking that prednisone-induced shopping is DEFINITELY one of the side effects of this drug. I can't believe it's not listed on the label. Someone should call the FDA.

Maggie agrees.


Heda said...

Ain't Maggie gorgeous!

Sharon said...

Maggie is gorgeous indeed! And didn't you know the main reason for having dogs is so that you can blame them?

Kelly said...

What were the pimientos for? Something yummy for Easter? Let me guess, deviled eggs?

Christine said...

I am more likely to shop excessively when I start steroids and I am not even a big shopper typically!

Luciana DeVito said...

Maggie is adorable. I just found your blog and am newly (and thankfully quickly) diagnosed due to a sever onset.....which it seems is still SETTING. It seems every day something new. Just started Prednisone for lungs. I will enjoy reading your blog.

I haven't experienced this particular side-effect of Prednisone yet, but I have been mostly at home.....and hankering for a pizza!