Monday, March 18, 2013

Time to Pay the Piper


I'm definitely at the low point of my rituximab energy cycle, which is no surprise. It's not a surprise -- yet it's still not fun. I expected this. I have anticipated this feeling, which is similar to what I'd imagine strapping on concrete shoes would feel like. I knew it was coming but still don't like leaving church early because I was either going to have to lay down on the pew or lay down in the car or....I didn't know what. I don't like carrying kleenex around everywhere because suddenly any kind of exertion at all, even something a simple as carrying some laundry up a flight of stairs causes me to start mopping away the sweat that drips from my face and the back of my neck. I hate constantly feeling shivery as if I was running a temperature. Dumb stupid brain fog episodes happening more frequently is not a happy thing.

In other words, it's payback time.

Ah, yes. There's definitely a price to pay for those four months of increased energy, and whoever or whatever is responsible for that fee has appeared to claim it. With interest. Bummer.

I need to keep reminding myself that this butt-draggin' crankypants sensation will lift eventually after my next infusion, which is due somewhere around the end of the month.

C'mon mousie drugs. I'm ready and waiting.

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Unknown said...

Take me with you! I want some Rituxin too! :)