Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Passover. Happy Easter. Happy Spring!

Delectable, delicious, and delightful image found here. 

The Easter bunny is bringing only ONE candy confection to the baskets of our household members this year, and everyone was allowed to request their favorite.

We seem to fall into two candy camps around here:
-- The See's Candy people.
--The grocery store candy people.

I will not refuse either or any types of goodies, myself. But when this time of year rolls around, I simply must have one of these:

Infographic found here. 


Dang. Wonder why that stingy old rabbit decided that I could only have ONE this year? Ooooo. Betcha I can remedy that tomorrow when all the Easter candy is on sale...

.::whip snap::.  BACK, BICJ! Down, girl!

Happy Easter, everyone!


annie said...

Happy Easter to you, Julia. Good eats and good treats.

Jenny P said...

That's my favorite too! I don't know if I should tell BICJ, but every year my mom orders me a whole box (like the ones they have in stores when you buy them individually) all for myself. That's 48 eggs that are MINE, ALL MINE!!!!