Saturday, March 23, 2013

Contests, Bottles, and Flare Tips

Get ready. I'm in the midst of planning a contest for y'all!

But since I can't do two things at once; like writing today's post AND thinking about contest strategy; I'm going to take advantage of two other sjoggie's great recent blog posts and link to them today. Thanks to Sheryl Aronson and Autoimmune Gal:

Head over to read Sheryl Aronson's recent post about this sjoggie friendly water bottle. You can buy your very own collapsable, dishwasher-safe, nifty spifty vapur water bottle here.

Great find, Sheryl! Maybe if I'm a really, really good sjoggie the Easter bunny will put one in my basket.

Autoimmune Gal's post entitled "Post Flare Recap" includes some good tips for dealing with those dumb stupid disease flares. Here's my favorite, but go read them all:

"...It was also essential for me to keep making my daily to-do lists. Getting dressed deserves a check on the list (yes, even that is a chore when I'm having a flare) and so does napping.  Those of us who get them know getting plenty of rest can be crucial for getting over a flare, but it still takes a lot of reminding for me to let myself sleep during the day. These lists can be more helpful for me during a flare than when my health is better.  My flares are usually accompanied by some serious brain fog and it is more likely that i I forget to take my medicine if I don't write it down. Everything I get done during a flare takes extra effort so having a list helps me to recognize what I can and did accomplish at the end of the day.   While it might sound a little silly, a check off on my to do list is my equivalent of giving myself a gold star.  Maybe I should even design a gold star system for the next flare."

I think you should give yourself a gold star just for writing this post, Missy. 

Stay tuned for an opportunity to flex those creativity brain cells and the potential to win FABULOUS PRIZES. Oh boy oh boy oh boy...

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