Monday, February 11, 2013

What Does He Know?

I wonder what it means when John and I get into Goldie and actually take a Sunday drive? Does this indicate that we've reached some point in our lives?

Which is just what we did yesterday. Even though it was a gloomy overcast kind of day, we threw the camera in the car, topped off Goldie's gas tank, and headed for the hills. The foothills of the Cascade mountains, that is. It's so much fun to just choose a meandering road and follow it.

It wasn't a good day for pictures, for a couple of reasons. First, I forgot to change lenses on Canon. Secondly, the light was crummy. And third -- Goldie's windshield was far grimier than I thought and any photos snapped through her glass looked smudgy. Ah, well.

We decided to find a mom-and-pop type of restaurant for lunch, so I got out my iPhone and brought up one of those review apps. We had pulled into an.....interesting.....looking place out in the middle of nowhere, and I thought I'd type in the name of the bar and grill to see what kind of reviews it had. It only had one which was very critical. Some guy gave it a one star rating because, "The only people in there were locals and farmers."

Excuse me?!

What the hell is wrong with rubbing elbows with a local or a FARMER?, I exclaimed. Being a farm girl myself, AND a local, I was seriously insulted. What a snobby reviewer. What a creep. What a dodo-head.

I told John that we were going to march in there and give them our business, regardless of the one star rating just because some snotty person thought that the patrons weren't classy enough. I didn't care if the joint was a serious dive: it was the principle of the thing. We're going in! I told John.

So we did. As we walked in from the parking lot, we passed two things which made me think that this place deserved FIVE stars: a large wooden carving of a moose:

And the black and white sign in the window that warned that people were throwing around peanut shells inside:

Promising, we thought. This looked like a place that Greg and Terese would like. And we were right.

This bar/restaurant was absolutely delightful. It was clean, we were greeted immediately by a waitress, were given a bowlful of peanuts and instructed that the shells HAD to be thrown on the floor, and had our drinks in a jiffy which were also delightful: John sampled a local microbrew beer, and I ordered a bloody mary made from scratch (as in start-with-tomato-juice-and-add-real-spices) and loaded up with olives, lime, celery, and pickled green beans. Mmmmmm......

Of course there was an enormous fake moose head generously decorated with Mardi Gras beads and mounted prominently between the large new flat screen televisions. I thought the moose tracks on the ceiling were a nice touch. The bathrooms were clean and we noticed that twice a month they offered live music. The place was full and the patrons were obviously from a large variety of backgrounds.

John wondered how hard it was to hold a moose upside down long enough to have him walk around on the ceiling. Yeah.

I am SO figuring out how to leave a review of my own on this app.



Anonymous said...

Epic win! Especially the moose tracks on the ceiling. We need some pics of that.

Laura =)

Gertie said...

I am still wondering why it doesn't get 5 stars for offering live music in the bathroom twice a month.

Julia Oleinik said...

Ha!! Gertie -- girl. Got me! Good one.