Thursday, February 7, 2013

We Have a Purring Puddy

Kitty cat update:

Miss Genevieve has been recuperating in her own little private hospital suite located in our laundry room. Like the kitty gate? I wish she could roam around the house but I'm afraid that she'd not be close enough to her litter box in her wanderings, since she still is needing to pee every few minutes, poor girlie.

She spends most of the time either curled up in her little bed, or squatting in her litter box, but last night she took a stroll around the room to say hi. And when I picked her up to cuddle, she purred! This made me very happy.

Our vet said that encouraging her to drink lots of water would help the food and medicine work more quickly, so off I went to the pet supply store and found this neato thingie:

Her own private drinking fountain! How cool is that? Luckily, she likes it.....

Lulu finds this all the most entertaining thing EVER. Maggie isn't even remotely interested.

Lulu says it's like a kitty cat reality TV show. In person. So far these two seem to be getting along pretty well and Genny doesn't seem freaked out that a schnauzer has her nose plastered against the gate incessantly.  It remains to be seen how well they do once the kitty cat gate comes down....

So: Still in her litter box far too frequently. BUT Eating. Drinking. Purring.

Thanks for all of the very kind comments and emails.


Heda said...

How happy to be first on this post for offering positive comments to the kitty! May she live well and long! Hats off to you for helping her. Now by the time I go through the multiple iterations of the real human test (I fail many more than I pass) chances are I will no longer be first? Such is life!

Nicole said...

She is about the cutest kitty I have ever laid eyes on! So glad she's on the mending road!

annie said...

Adorable looking little kitty. She's lucky to be so well loved and well taken care of as are all your little furry family. Hoping she will recover well. I love that water fountain idea.