Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This is Genevieve. She's such a sweet little cat, but the poor girl has had a rough go of things for the past few days.

It started back in late November, when she began to leave little puddles of kitty pee all over D#1's apartment, and off they went to a vet. A few months and a zillion vet exams and a LOT of vet fees later, my daughter called me Sunday afternoon in tears. She was at wits end. Genny was still incontinent and obviously not feeing well, her couch was ruined, she was still mopping up kitty puddles, and she had been advised to consider putting Genny to sleep by some staff members at her vet's office. D#1 was brokenhearted.

Poor D#1. Poor Genevieve.

"Mom. The vet said that her urine and blood test are normal. I don't know what else to do!"

I knew what to do.

John and I hopped into Goldie, topped off her gas tank, ran into Petco for a new litterbox and cat food, and made a beeline south on I-5. Meanwhile, D#1 and Genevieve were heading north from San Francisco. We met near the Oregon/California border about four and a half hours later and headed back in opposite directions after a quick dinner and hugs, this time Genevieve tucked into Goldie with John and I.

So today, after two days of assessment, x-rays, blood work, warm blankies and kitty cat pain medicine, we found out the real story: Genevieve has a cluster of stones in her bladder, and crystals in her urine, which may respond to treatment.

Think healthy, comfortable kitty thoughts for us.


sue said...

Poor kitty. This happened to my sister's cat. Unfortunately they had to put her down. Hopefully you have better luck.

Shannon said...

Unfortunately sometimes that's the only way to tell when your kitty isn't feeling good. Sudden changes in litterbox habits is a red flag for sure.

Glad you found out what is wrong with Genny. Sending happy, healing and loving energy your way. Hope Genny feels better soon! <3

ShEiLa said...

I am glad that you could go to the rescue... Also that you got a second opinion. I hope Genny is feeling better in no time.