Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two Things

Yeah, well.....John doesn't get this adoring look when he says it to ME. Image found here 

First: I'm still working on the inability for some readers to leave a comment issue. After changing a few settings the site was flooded with spam; so those were quickly re-set. I also found that those that read on an RSS feed reader don't ever see a comment button, in spite of my template there specifically dictating one. Hm. The quest continues. In the meantime, if you would like to post a comment and can't, just zip me an email, which does seem to be working, and I'll post the comment for you.

Second: I need someone to concoct a zippy comeback for me. The reason is this: John and I were watching "How Green Was My Valley" the other day, and during the movie, the father character turns to his elderly wife and says, "Och, but you're an old beauty, ye are..."

John's eyes lit up and he grinned wickedly. I pointed a finger directly at his nose and threatened him with bodily harm if those words EVER crossed his lips, especially if they were directed specifically to me.

John is constantly on the lookout for um......unusual.....terms of endearment for me, bless his heart. Which I appreciate, really I do. Mostly. But this one just bugged me.

So for the last few days, at every opportunity, his eyes will twinkle and he'll say, "Och, but you're a (significant pause) beauty, ye are..." after which I'll whap whatever part of him is closest to me.

I need help, people. The movie doesn't provide any snappy dialogue that I can respond back with an appropriately snarky compliment. I just know y'all can come up with a great comeback line. I just know it. Please?


Blogger Mama said...

"I guess that makes you the old beast?"

Julia Oleinik said...

Blogger Mama: BRILLIANT!

Kathy Carlton Willis Communications said...

You could borrow a quote from Billy Crystal, paraphrased: "They say it is better to look good than to feel good. And I look MAHvalous, Baby!" (Which is such a fun tongue-in-cheek thing for a patient w/ Sjogren's to say!")

Anonymous said...

Blogger Mama: I resemble that remark.


Julia Oleinik said...

.::facepalm::. Oh, great. John's channeling Groucho Marx again.....