Sunday, January 27, 2013

This Meeting is Called to Order.....

I had the orange creamsicle cake. And yes, it's half gone. 

I'm forming a new club. Wanna join? It's called the B.O.B. (Bone-on-Bone) club. 

I'm the president, by the way. 

My club has two members so far: Terese's husband Greg, and me. Greg is a reluctant member because he thinks that since he has TWO knee joints that are bone-on-bone and since he's been dealing with osteoarthritis far longer than I have, he should be president. I offered him the vice-presidency but he balked at that. 

I can't imagine why. But he eventually acquiesced. 

We're debating whether or not our friend Susan qualifies as a potential member since her osteo is in her shoulder AND she doesn't know if her x rays actually showed bone on bone. 

We may need to develop an admission/membership committee. I think Greg should handle that as well. Don't y'all agree? He could manage the extra responsibilities since a vice-president rarely has really important duties, unlike those of the PRESIDENT. Um.....I'm not sure what those duties would be but I'm certain that they would have to be much more important than a vice president's....

I wonder if we should charge dues. Oh, and by-laws. Hm. We definitely need some by-laws since I have a suspicion that our current club requires serious oversight.  

We convened our first meeting last night and allowed John and Terese to be honorary attendees over desserts at Rose's Deli. Membership DOES have it's benefits....

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Gertrude said...

Funny girl! Even though I am envious of those delicious looking desserts; obviously the 'flash of inspiration' wasn't enough to thwart the plunge into that temptation? I think I would have gone for the orange or the chocolate one.