Thursday, January 17, 2013

There's a Mouse in my House

Actually, there's lots of them. Here's a sampling of the cute mousie critters that I was given over the holidays.

I just love 'em.

More importantly, I love what they represent: that at this point in time, modern medicine has provided some relief -- albeit not a cure -- for my autoimmune disease. Yeah, mouse drugs!


Amy Junod said...

Have you seen Dinner for Schmucks? The one little critter on the left with the satchel looks like one of the mice from the movie. It's not an Oscar worthy film but funny in a sick sort of way.

Sue said...

My mom made me a little felt church mouse dressed in choir robes and holding a music book. She made a bunch of them one year for the Christmas bazaar at her church. Yours are very cute too.