Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ski While You Can, People

Yesterday about mid-morning, I received this text pic from my son and DIL:

....who has just the cutest raccoon hat in the whole WORLD, btw. I bought her a pair of slippers for Christmas that match. Not that she'd ever wear a hat and bathroom slippers at the same time.

The blue raccoon eyes match the color of DIL's eyes. Squee!

They're up skiing on Mount Hood taking advantage of the unusually clear weather here for January. After I received their message, I hoofed it on upstairs to look out my window at the mountain:

I was certain that even though Son and DIL had to be at least 90 miles away, I could see that little raccoon hat schussing down the slopes with my son close behind. What a gorgeous day for skiing! Sunny skies, crisp clear air, perfect temperatures, and an enormous snow pack! Brilliant!

Sigh. I miss those days. When John and I moved here from the midwest, one of the things that we promised each other was that we would make more time for skiing seeing as we were living much closer to a real mountain.

I can't imagine being able to manage one good run down the slopes these days. For one thing, my energy would have been totally expended simply by getting into all of the gear that skiing requires. Then there's the whole temperature thing. My body just doesn't regulate itself the way it used to; I'd spend all of my time either ripping off my jacket to stop myself from sweating, or huddled in front of the lodge fire trying to stop my shivering from the cold. Ah, well.... Wah wah wah....

At least some of my DNA is up there having a great time. Have fun, my son!


Anonymous said...

I miss those days, too, but my Raynaud's make skiing uncomfortable for me.

There is some wonderful outdoors clothing that wicks moisture and still keeps you reasonably well-regulated temperature wise.

What I don't know is if it works for Sjoggies.

Sue said...

I wouldn't mind sitting by the fire in the chalet with a big mug of hot chocolate and a good book while friends and family tackle the hill. I'm not a fan of heights so there is no way I would do a chair lift.

cargillwitch said...

My dear friend traveled to Peru two years ago and took a wonderful photo of herself in the socks i knit her atop Manchu Pitchu (sp?).
I may never make it to the magical mountain top kingdom but my handiwork has! Almost as good.