Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Can't Believe....

.....that it's over. 

The holidays, I mean. It felt as though we have been living in Christmas Land for much longer than the past month, yet it went by in a flash. How odd. 

John and Son and Daughter-in-law and Daughter number one spent the afternoon disassembling the light show, and our lawn looks just lonesome and bare. We've left Pinky and his new baby buddies out for awhile, though. And there's still some major lights to take down, but already the house is quiet. 

Before the last show, my son finally got out the video camera and took some footage of a few of this year's songs. Enjoy. 


sue said...

Hi Julia

These are really great. Your family did a wonderful job creating this.

Unknown said...

LOVE this! Great job! Christmas is my favorite time of year, but also the saddest - it builds and builds and all of a sudden it's over - family goes home, deco comes down...I get depressed every year! But I will always do it! Your lights have inspired me to take mine to a new level next year altho no way we can do any programming! I can't wait to see what you do for Valentines! Take care-