Thursday, December 20, 2012

Workin' Farmer Style

 Oh. My. Gosh.

I love this video. It so reminds me of my family's farms! Although we're not related, these guys are almost carbon copies of my handsome and talented nephews in the Midwest.

The only major difference is that my family raises only grass-fed angus beef; no corn fed lots on their farm. However, there's no mistaking the same miles of wide open spaces, herds of cattle, big green John Deere tractors, and mostly lots of hard 24/7 WORK.

Ahhh. The good life.

Check out the dance on the flatbed fave.

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cargillwitch said...

its great to see a younger generation embrace agricultural life! I reside on a working family ( heritage ) farm and was raised on one as well. Yes, smaller scale organic agriculture is still alive and seeing a resurgence here in Ontario. for those of us who like to eat, a good thing indeed!