Sunday, December 30, 2012

She's Hard to Control

Yummy delicious cool refreshing delightful milkshakes can be found at a Burgerville near you. If you live near me. 

My good friends Karen, Sarah, and Paul have been here visiting for the last few days. How time flies when I'm having fun.....

Karen and I have known each other since I was 18. She knows me all too well, but I recently realized that she hasn't been introduced to my Bratty Inner Child Julia before. Hard to believe, but true. I don't know how this has happened after all these years.

But she has since had the opportunity to meet her. And how.

So we -- meaning John and daughter one and I and Karen and family were all buzzing around in our SUV. We were debating what to eat for dinner.  Karen said, "We were planning on baking a frozen lasagna, right?"

Yes, I had indeed purchased said lasagna for that evening's dinner I thought more about what other options we might have and as we passed several of my favorite restaurants.....waiting two hours for frozen noodles just didn't do it for me. At all. I voiced my reservations to the gang in the car, who were far less enthusiastic about my idea than I would have liked.

John said, "Let's just go home. I can wait for dinner."

Karen said, "Yes, let's. We can have some fruit or some kind of healthy snack to tide us over."


Healthy snack? Are you kidding me?

I wanted to be healthy and reasonable, really, I did. But BICJ was just handle. I was hungry. And cranky. What my girls call HANGRY -- a combination of hungry and angry. Before I knew it, the sensible person that I am was muscled aside and my bratty inner child said,
"Yuk! Healthy snack? No way! Burgerville! I want BURGERVILLE! WAH! and pounded on the SUV window.

Actually, she shrieked. Seriously.

Burgerville makes the best. burgers. and milkshakes. in. the. whole. world. and. universe. and infinity....and I was craving a peppermint chocolate shake.

Because I really needed more sugar after all the fudge and cookies and soda and Bailey's and toffee and  divinity and caramels and almond bark and peanut brittle. Obviously.

John just stoically kept driving and said nothing. He's seen this transformation in me all too many times, but Karen tried to placate me. "OK. How about we go home and have a nice salad and lasagna and THEN make some kind of dessert? Like an ice cream sundae? Doesn't that sound good? Hm?"

Poor dear. I don't think she's heard BICJ snarl before. I hope she wasn't too traumatized but at the point I really didn't care. John just sighed and kept driving. The other four people in the car finally negotiated very carefully with me, with the result that we would indeed eat at a restaurant --- just not my burger joint. However, the main concession was that daughter number one and Sarah WALKED to the nearest Burgerville to procure my milkshake.


After I had my milkshake in hand and BICJ stuffed away in my subconscious somewhere, I smiled angelically at our group, who by this time were sitting as far away from me in the restaurant as they could.

"Isn't this fun?"

They all smiled back warily. I'm sure they were counting their blessings that they had escaped the incident without BICJ inflicting actual physical violence.

Pffft. Violence? From me? Nah. All they needed to know was this: GIVE THE GIRL WHAT SHE WANTS.

And nobody gets hurt.

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Amy Junod said...

That was fun! You're a lucky Momma of very smart offspring.