Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pinky Plural

Guys. I'm so excited that I almost -- almost -- forgot to be totally grossed out by the dog poop incident. 

The reason for my euphoria is that we now have all of our Pinkys plugged in to this year's light show! Woo hoo!

THEIR HEADS BLINK ON AND OFF. And their bodies glow. How awesome is that?!

The new mini-Pinkys are so stinkin' cute. Even Pinky the original thinks so. Welcome to the family, MPs!

Don't worry, big guy. Your brand spankin' new Santa hat is all ready to go. You'll be fabulous, as usual.


ShEiLa said...

Company... pink company. Love it!


annie said...

Pinky Sr. must be very happy to have some mini pinkies to keep him company.It's a lonesome job, otherwise.

Loved your dog-poo story. I have cats, so we deal mostly with hair balls, not poo, but it's still not guest friendly stuff.