Friday, December 14, 2012

I Don't Understand.

Oh. My. Gosh. I almost can't tolerate the cuteness found here....

Guys. I really wish that my brain were capable of producing an exquisitely worded and fantastically useful autoimmune themed blog post, but today I just can't. I think all this Christmas cheer going around is to blame.

So. Instead, I'll just have to write about those dopey ideas that pop into whatever remaining cerebral cells are hanging around in my cranium.

For example: John and I were attending a lecture at our church the other night. I'm sorry to admit that my thoughts were wandering until the pastor said something about Jesus separating the sheep from the goats in the end times. For any normal person, this would probably encourage them to think about living one's life to be prepared for eternity, but I have to be honest here.

No, what I was wondering is what Jesus had against GOATS? I love goats. Why should goats be the examples of bad behavior?!

Goats are cute. Their milk is very good for us, and makes wonderful soap. The baby kids boing around in an absolutely irresistible way that makes me want to jump the petting zoo fence and snatch up one of those cute furry things. Baby goats put me into a squeeeeeeeeeeeeee overload mode. I have pictures of goats. And little figurines of goats. I have pestered John for YEARS about owning a teeny little pygmy goat. I can't imagine why he hasn't given me one for my birthday. Or Christmas.

I like goats almost as much as I like flamingos and crows but less than I love my schnauzers.

So I was left wondering in church why sheep are considered the good animals? Yeah, they're fluffy and kind of cute, and of course their wool is useful, but for Pete's sake. What makes them a superior animal over a darling little GOAT?

And what does my preference for goats over sheep say about my character?

I simply don't get it. Does anyone know? Anyone?

As if she were reading my mind, today reader and fellow goat-appreciator Stephanie send me a link to this awesome video. Enjoy.


Robin said...

That sheep v. goats thing always bothered me too. And I would love to have a goat and view them as just as valuable as sheep if not more so. I don't know the answer to your question though.
I am finding your blog very helpful as I have recently found out I have Sjogren's.
But the goats are a bonus. Thanks!

Lisa said...

Had a goat named Porkchop for years. She ran the barnyard, hated dogs and never encountered a vehicle that wasn't meant for climbing. I didn't have a Hibiscus flower on the property throughout her reign ... or, for that matter, much else in the way of vegetation. Cute? Without doubt. Entertaining? Always. Annoying? No Question.