Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shop for Sjogren's

I's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I find myself making gift lists for my loved ones. Once those lists are made, and they evolve right up until THE big day, my favorite way to ensure that they'll end up under the Christmas tree is to order online.

Like Bacon-Of-The-Month presents. (Which I can't take credit for. D#1 found this goodie.) 

Shopping used to be one of my favorite hobbies, but it just takes too much energy these days. I'd rather do other things when I have days that allow me to get up and GO. Enter internet shopping! Woo hoo! Often with free shipping! And I can peruse and shop to my heart's content regardless of when the mall is open.

If YOU shop online like I do, you may want to consider this: The Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation has partnered with online retailers who will donate a portion of the value of your purchase to the SSF.


Visit and click through the links provided so that your purchases will benefit the SSF. Some of the partners include:

  • Donates up to 8% of the value of the purchase.
  • Donates up to 4%.
  • Donates up to 4%.
  • Select "Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation" as your charity of choice. Whenever you return to, any shopping you do will benefit the SSF. 

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Blogger Mama said...

I'm glad to see Amazon does this. We got an Amazon Prime membership this year which lets us get free two-day shipping on all Prime merchandise. Which means I will be trying to buy everything on my wishlists from there! lol