Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Second and Third and Fourth Opinions.....or More....

Opinions, people. These two pictures were taken at the same time yesterday.

The question is this: Which of these knees deserve sincere, deep, and loving sympathy? Hm?

This one?

Which is attached an unnamed gentleman who was foolishly climbing around on a wet house roof IN THE DARK hanging  Christmas lights WITHOUT a harness and tether AS was PROMISED to his unnamed delightful and very sensible wife.

OR. How about this knee?

Which was walked ever so painfully into the clinic and injected with foot-long needles TWICE due to an autoimmune-related inflammatory response to the knee bursa. (More on that later......)

This is important, folks. Your response will settle a serious wager. I'm confident that y'all will decide this in a REASONABLY (WELL) - friendly manner. If you catch my drift.


sue said...

Obviously the knee with the foot long needles gets more sympathy. The roof guy gets a headshake but I'm glad he's okay.

Hope both knees feel better soon

ShEiLa said...

I have met those foot long needles... in my knee and hip... so I tend to sympathize with delightful and sensible wife. However, I also am married to a gentleman that takes part in activities which I deem foolish... but since I am familiar with pain. Nobody deserves it.


Gertrude said...

I just think it is great that you like to do so many things together. lol

Amy Junod said...

lol Gertrude. I've taken a good deal of time delving into the art of falling I think my opinion might hold some weight here.

I'm sure during the fall the unnamed one was probably hearing a little voice which sort of sounded like BICJ saying, "I told you so!"

One would think that this would even the playing field but no. No. Hanging lights on a wet night is just...well...not bright.

Let's look at the challenger, falling victim to an unseen bodily predator and having to endure NEEDLES to fend off painful swelling. courageously stand tall to create a feast of thanksgiving to warm the hearts of those she loves. Oh, and to bake pies.

Let's review...injury due to a fall that probably wouldn't have happened if precautions were met to avoid said fall-
Falling onto a clinic table to have needles probed into already inflamed hopes of having stamina to create a delicious feast. (I'm guessing)
Ok...the winner is Julia. Hope this helps.

Julia Oleinik said...

Guys. Thank you for your heartfelt support of the delightful and sensible wife. Sniff. *wipes an appreciative and very small tear from eye*

annie said...

No brainer, Julia, the second one wins. Just taking the opportunity to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Good food,good company and many great laughs to accompany your day.