Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's That Time of Year Again!

Lulu says, "Please. Help. Me......"

She thinks she can't move when we put her in lobster costume. 

Did y'all have a fun Halloween yesterday? We did. As usual, Greg and Terese and Emily joined us here at the house to hand out treats, since they get very few trick-or-treaters where they live. So we have dinner together, Terese and I watch everyone else carve pumpkins, we watch corny old horror movies -- the older and cornier the better -- and wait for the doorbell to ring.

Six or seven years ago, John and I made an earth shattering decision: We would NOT be handing out candy on Halloween.


Instead, we started giving out small toys. Because all that candy just isn't good for those kids. Being the exemplary parents that we are. And it's important to set a good example for children. And.....and.....

Sigh. I may as well be truthful here. I'm guessing I can't pull the wool over anyone's eyes that has read this blog for any length of time, anyway. We quit giving out candy really because.......I'm so pathetic that I used to eat as many candy bars as we gave out. And we have lots of trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.

The first year that we started doling out toys instead of candy, I wondered what kind of response that we would get from the kids, anticipating several that would be disappointed. But actually, the only complaints that we have ever had after all these years have been from kids far too old to be trick-or-treating anyway. Pfffftttt. When a kid is taller than John is.....Good grief.

But the little authentic trick or treaters look at the bucket of toys offered and dig around in it with glee.

Wouldn't you? 

Aside from not having a zillion calories worth of candy staring me in the face, the other great thing about toys is that we can save the leftovers for next year.

This year's additions were very. very. cool.

I especially liked the slimy eyeballs and the Franken-ducks. Of course it's hard to beat eye-popping squeezy mummys, but as always, the crown jewel in our treat assortment is:

Yes. That is indeed a jack-o-lantern whoopee cushion.

These things are a real hit with boys, in particular. Last year, one little guy clutched his to his chest and exclaimed, "I've wanted one of these FOR MY WHOLE LIFE!!" as his dad pumped his fist skyward in celebration and his mom rolled her eyes.


Ah. I love this time of year.


cargillwitch said...

I love it! but please tell- where DOES one find a pumpkin whoopee cushion?!

Julia Oleinik said...

One finds a pumpkin whoopee cushion at Oriental Trading -- it's an online site that has great, inexpensive, goofy stuff!

ShEiLa said...

Kudos to you for your decision.



Laura said...

Heehee! Love it!

We did glow sticks last year. VERY popular.