Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blame it on my Mother's X Chromosome

I'm so glad that my mouse drugs have done their work, because I need that energy to shift into feeding-large-quantities-of-food-to-lots-of-people mode.

I love this mode, and I know exactly why this is. It's origin comes from a powerful gene that I have inherited from my mother and all of her female ancestors. I've seen the effects of these genetics for all of my life, and I've learned that to attempt to resist this overwhelming urge is futile. Mom is approaching 80 and this still remains one of the greatest joys in her life: to gather as many family members and friends as their house will hold and serve them large amounts of delicious food.

It's hard to explain, but I too feel the same surge of joy and contentment when I'm surrounded by loved ones who are enjoying meals that I have prepared just for them. I think it's not specifically about the food......since in all honesty I don't make dishes that I crave, but rather things that have the flavors that I know my guests and family will savor.

Except for pumpkin pie. I ALWAYS crave pumpkin pie.

Ahh. I love that moment when I lean back in my dining room chair, coffee cup in hand, and watch everyone laugh and eat and talk and eat and then eat some more. I love the atmosphere of my house: the enticing smells of good food, the sounds of a crowd enjoying time spent together, but also the almost imperceptible sense that anyone who steps through my front door is entering a sphere of good things.

Good things. Good food. Good times.

X chromosome schematic found on Wikipedia


Amy Junod said...

Awe. Great post.

ShEiLa said...

I love this time of year too!


cargillwitch said...

nothing makes me feel more at piece than having all six kids( plus significant others)seated around our table joking, laughing enjoying each others company. At that moment all is well in my world.

Unknown said...

I also have that gene. My moms specialty were pies. So I try to keep this tradition alive in our family. Mom would always be up at the crack of dawn rolling out our crusts humming some song only known by her own ears. But oh the yuminess of those pies! Have a blessed holiday!