Saturday, October 27, 2012

We've Been Galavanting

Yep. I took all of these pictures this week. Love my telephoto lens, betcha those elephant seals would be been cranky if I would have gotten close. Not that I would have tried. They all had fish breath. 

I'll explain tomorrow. 


Amy Junod said...

That's just enough "awe" to warm my heart up enough to get this day started! Seals are just too darn cute!

Glad that you escaped to enjoy the beautiful day. Thanks for sharing the scenery.

cindy said...

Your entry for October 26,2012 was very helpful. Would you be able to do an entry for dry eyes too?
I have the information from the Foundation, but you have a great deal of knowledge. Thank you for your efforts.

Unknown said...

LOVE the picture of them sleeping! FYI - attended a conference hosted by Baylor Sjogren's Clinic in Houston. Was very impressed with the doctors there - a multi-discipline approach in treatment...Also mentioned future treatments -include mousey antibodies and that it is promising even for sicca symptoms -would sure like to be able to try it! How are you doing this week post the infusion?