Monday, October 15, 2012

I Have My Ways

So given my natural talents and recent rituximab infusion, I should be pretty good at this game....

I have an older sister that doesn't have time for social media. Oh, she carries a cell phone and occasionally will text or send a few pics, but as far as the facebook or twitter thing?


Her life is so jam packed with work and other stuff that she doesn't think that browsing through pictures of everyone else's lunch or the latest political cartoon is good use of her precious time. She's probably right. But she smugly thinks that just because she doesn't have a twitter account that her private life is completely social media proof, and in this aspect she is sooo. Wroooong. Bwahahahahaha.

I, unlike my busy busy seeester, have PLENTY of time to spend looking at lunches and political cartoons. So I do. And since my nieces and nephews do the facebook thing too, and I, as these delightful children's best and favorite auntie (sorry other brother and seeeeesters....) I am also their favorite facebook friend. I'm sure of it. Don't anyone burst my little bubble here, guys, if I'm not....

I suppose I should qualify the "children" thing. They range in ages from 32 on down.....

So yesterday, as I had my big old fanny planted on the couch with laptop fired up and facebook front and center, I noticed that one of my older sister's kids put up a picture taken in her house.

My sister is hardly ever in her house, so our phone conversations are usually as she's taking a walk, or shopping, or doing any of the zillion other things she does.

I picked up the phone and dialed. "Hello?"

Girl. I see that you're home this afternoon! What happened?

"Yep, it's a rainy day, so we're just hanging around.....Hey! Wait a MINUTE! How did you know that I'm at home?"

Oh, I have my very reliable sources.......

We chatted for a bit then I hung up, smiling. Who's the smug one now? Hm? Maybe I missed my calling as a secret agent.

C'mon mouse day SEVEN. It's time for me to get off this couch.

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