Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Can't Take Me Anywhere

The offending slaw. Tsk. 

Yesterday, John and I took a leisurely drive over to the Coastal mountain range in Oregon.

What a great day: Sunny, warm, and our schedule completely bare of anything except "GOOF OFF" written across every time slot.

I have to admit that for this little outing, even though I had Canon in Goldie with me, I really had very few impulses to take pictures. I think this was because when I looked over the crest of these rolling hills, the view was so expansive and beautiful that I knew that I couldn't possibly capture it.

So I sat and enjoyed our meandering pace with my hand out the window and tried to remember, instead of photograph.

Sounds idyllic, yes? It was.

We found a neat brewpub in one of the little cities along the way, and stopped in for a late lunch. My choice was the "sausage and smash" special; which was their own handcrafted German sausage (no nitrites, they promised...) served with a dollop of smashed potatoes and a little serving of Bright. Red. Cabbage.

Yeah. And I was wearing a white blouse. Ah, but who cares if I had pink dribbling down my front? My sweetie and I didn't. And that's what matters.

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Unknown said...

LOVE your halloween deco!! And the soup sounds good too!