Friday, October 19, 2012

Answer. That. Question!

That haunted house puzzle is the stuff of my kids' nightmares. I haven't been able to talk them into putting it together for YEARS. 

.::cue cheesy game show intro music::.

Thanks for tuning in, folks! Today on Answer. That. Question! Julia wimps out and answers two easy ones:

Our first questions comes from Annie: Where do you get the energy to put up all this decoration? I'm lucky if I will actually think of getting some goodies for halloween!

Ahh. Good question, Annie! I have a GREAT answer! .::audience sign flashes and applause erupts::.
The answer is -- I DIDN'T put them up! I coerced two lovely young ladies not only to go up to my attic and schlep my decor boxes downstairs but also forced them to put together a demonic 3-D puzzle of a haunted house which takes a minimum of one hour to construct; AND to create lovely fall vignettes around my home! With all my stuff! Is that brilliant or what?!
.::Audience ooos and ahhhhhs in appreciative awe::.

Reader Miki makes this astute observation in a reaction to my stifled intention to ram a nice lady and her husband with my scooter, which really isn't a question but deserves a response nonetheless: I can't help thinking that I hope she doesn't read your blog! ;)

O.o  Miki! You're RIGHT! I hope she doesn't TOO!
.::frenzied applause barely heard over the exit music blaring::.

I'm afraid we're out of time, folks! Tune in next time for ANSWER. THAT. QUESTION!
.::incredibly fast disclaimer voice::. No prizes awarded to readers for publishing their questions. Some restrictions apply. Offer void in all states of the U.S., and all countries recognized by the UN. As well as any unincorporated cities, town, and other nations not recognized by any authorized governing bodies.


Anita Rowe Stafford said...

I need to borrow your young ladies! They did a great job, love the puzzle.

annie said...

No prize? What kind of a show are you hosting, Julia? What an imagination! Yes, let's borrow those young ladies, they've done a marvelous job.

Unknown said...

Mighty mousy has had too much tv time! FUN! Take care!