Friday, September 21, 2012

The Wilds of Maine

.::hushed tones of the highly esteemed animals-in-the-wild television show announcer::.".....and so, on our quest for the elusive and rare Appendegageous Tereseonius, we anticipate great difficulty in catching a glimpse of this most sought after creature which is suspected to frequent gazebos."

"You may recall that these crafty organisms have been photographed rarely. This most recent image is unusual in that the Appendegageous Tereseonius was seen in a site other than it's beloved gazebo."

"The following image is controversial in that the authenticity of it's origin has been questioned. The image is grainy, so examine it closely.You be the judge."

"Today, we can only wait, watch, and hope.....oh my.........what's that?..::excited whisper::....can it possibly be........"

"My stars and garters! It IS! It really is a true Appendegageous Tereseonius in the wild!"

"What a sighting! I. Have. NEVER. SEEN. THE. Appendegageous Tereseonius at this close proximity!!!


"Viewers, I can hardly believe our good fortune. This experience has exceeded my highest expectations because it now appears that we have not one but TWO Appendegageous in our sight! I may need a moment to compose myself here, folks...."

.::mops heavy perspiration from brow::.

"Well, now. Some experts in this highly specialized field have theorized that occasionally the Appendegageous Tereseonius will socialize with other species within this genus but until this moment, this has not been documented. I'm not qualified to make this identification, but I suspect that the additional Appendegageous  is a member of the Marysonious species. Let's see if we can get closer to these two exceptional creatures without causing them to take flight...

"Today's success is simply too much to assimilate for this humble reporter, viewers. My goodness.....I......I......"


.::offscreen voice::. "Hey. I think he's passed out.....aww geez....lost another one to this wild animal....cue the commercial, Larry!"

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cargillwitch said...

be sure to alert the Royal Society! Such discoveries will surely garner you a place in the annals- if not a recoomendation of membership