Saturday, September 1, 2012

SSF: Preparing for a New Doctor Visit

Nope. This isn't Dr. Young Guy. I found this pic on the blog entry link below. 

The Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation's blog posted an excellent article yesterday, found here. It's entitled Preparing for a New Doctor Visit. Here's my favorite snippet but go to the blog and READ IT ALL.

".......Primarily, I want to determine if a successful working relationship with the practitioner can be achieved. Medical care of a chronic illness, in my opinion, is a journey that requires a trusting partnership. Unfortunately, many primary care physicians have had little experience with Sjögren’s. Therefore, it is part of my responsibility to provide them with updated information on our illness......"

My responsibility.......yes, I guess it is. Because it's MY body and my health. But it's also important to find a doctor that is willing to make it her/his responsibility as well.


Michelle said...

I drive three hours each way to see a Rheumatologist that takes wonderful care of me. It's worth every mile!

ShEiLa said...

In my experience this whole journey is a team effort. Thanks to my Primary Care doctor I have a Rhuematologist. Thanks to him I have an Opthamologist, Gynecologist, Pain specialist, and Gastroenterologist. It's a team effort with Sjogren's... especially since it's not just about dry mouth and eyes.


ps. I am lucky to have a primary physician that cares and is willing to take my health as his responsibility too.