Thursday, September 27, 2012

No Time Like The Present....

So I saw Dr. Young Guy yesterday, and after I handed him a very cuuuuuttttteeeee candy box decorated with ghosties and filled with all different flavors of candy corns, he asked me how I was feeling these days.

I told him that the wheels have come completely off this wagon. The beautiful chariot was now a mushy rotten pumpkin. My gown was in tatters.

He lifted one eyebrow. "That bad, eh?"

Yup. That bad. I told him that I held things together through the wedding but it didn't take long for things to fall apart afterwards.

"Time for more rituximab?"

Bring on the mice. I'm beyond ready!

So after a physical exam and bloodwork drawn, I have an appointment at my friendly local infusion center, which is where I will be WHEN Y'ALL ARE READING THIS!

Is that cool, or what?

My friend Susan wanted to know what made me so special that they could fit me into their schedule only one day after my rheumy appt.

Must be that they know I bring mousie treats, I told her. Here's this round's version: Chocolate mice on a stick. Brilliant! It's a good thing that I can whip these things out pretty quickly and that I had everything that I needed already.

Think good mousie thoughts for me. Now where did I put my lucky shoes........?


Amy Junod said...

Mouse candy! How cute!
Thinking mousy thoughts- good ones, not the rat trap kind. Wishing you wellness!

Unknown said...

Best of luck! Wish I had some Ritux!! FYI - I went to see our rep today with the new autoimmune bill...the appt was screwed up coz they did not put me on the calendar - but they talked to me anyway. My discussion did not go as well I guess - they told me that they did not see this bill passing this year, and long term looked redundant with the NIH restructure act...I put in a good plea anyway!