Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Not a Fairy Tale Anymore

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Ahhh. Back home.

Beautiful, wonderful, absolutely perfect wedding.

Lovely weather, amazing scenery, great travel companions.


After it's all said and done, I'm tired. Really, really, tired. And I've had a few more migraines, which occasionally put a damper on our after-the-wedding tour around MA and ME.

When I see Dr. Young Guy this week, when he asks me how I'm feeling, I am going to tell him that I feel like Cinderella when her coach turned into a pumpkin and her ball gown morphed back into her ash-covered work clothes.

I want to hop back into my magic carriage, decked out in finery and, more importantly, feeling fine. I'm suspecting that in order to do that, I'll need more than a fairy godmother -- I'll probably need another visit to my infusion team for another round of rituximab.

Can't get there soon enough.

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Unknown said...

Take me with you! I have an upcoming trip for business and am a little concerned about it, but I need to do it if I can. Would rather my first venture out with Sjogrens be with family...but will see. Glad u had an awesome time but glad you are back as well! Hope the Ritux helps settle things down for u - bet ur pups missed u!