Saturday, September 29, 2012

H.R. 6218 Legislative Update

Heidi recently posted this comment on Reasonably Well:
Best of luck! Wish I had some Ritux!! FYI - I went to see our rep today with the new autoimmune bill...the appt was screwed up coz they did not put me on the calendar - but they talked to me anyway. My discussion did not go as well I guess - they told me that they did not see this bill passing this year, and long term looked redundant with the NIH restructure act...I put in a good plea anyway!
Good work, Heidi! Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to ensure that our voices are heard!

I had an interesting dialogue just the other day with my congresswoman's District Director Mr. Ryan Hart regarding H.R 6218. You can read this to learn more about this very worthy piece of legislation. I had the opportunity to meet with him back in August, and he was very well-educated on this bill already since my congresswoman became a co-sponsor of H.R. 6218. In addition, Mr. Hart shared with me that he had members of his family dealing with autoimmune disease and had personal knowledge of the huge impact that it can make in someone's life.

So Mr. Hart called to tell me personally the news of this bill's future which was similar to what Heidi was told: that the likelihood of it coming to a vote was unlikely with the short remaining length of this year's session. But he was quick to add that the Congresswoman had plans to reintroduce it again early in the next legislative session and that in his opinion, even though the NIH restructuring may take place, he felt that since 6218 had such strong bipartisan support it still was a viable bill. He put me in contact with my Congresswoman's staff in D.C. that has oversight on all upcoming health care related legislation.

I sincerely hope that his prediction is correct. I'll be watching. We ALL will, right?

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Unknown said...

Very good to hear about the support for the bill! We will continue to hit from 'down here' in Texas! Thanks Julia!