Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What? No PIE?

I love reading the comments left here on my posts. So as I was reviewing the latest ones on my no-added-sugar pie, it was interesting to read the several excellent comments regarding diabetics and carbohydrates. But my Bratty Inner Child Julia (aka BICJ) was reading over my shoulder. And she was a bit miffed when she read this:

"....Hence, even without the added sugars, the carb load is still fairly substantial with carbohydrate-dense ingredients including apples, crushed pineapples, tapioca (a starch) and of course, the crust which is made from some form of flour and is 100% carbohydrates...."

And this:

"I have to echo your prior poster- all carbohydrates effect insulin resistance, flour and fructose from fruit almost as quickly and damning as table sugar.It is becoming clear our "addiction" to the highs of these foods (followed by rapid lows) is fueling a whole host of worrisome health issues - and also it is starting to emerge is involved in inflammation and autoimmune dysfunction...."

And this:

"I was going to point out that it isn't only sugar you have to worry about as a diabetic, but the carbs are a big issue...."

Y'all know about BICJ, don't you? Sigh. When she appears, she's such a stinker. And, as per usual when she surfaces, she started a contentious inner dialogue with me. I'm so glad that nobody was around to hear.......

Julia: Oh, come on now. Everything in those comments is true.
Julia: Says just about all the reputable sources about a healthy diet. You know, the people who write these kinds of books that I read and re-read....

BICJ: WHO cares?
Julia: I care. I really do wish that I could eat a much healthier diet. It's really hard for me to follow through because of YOU hanging around, though.
BICJ: Pfffffft. If God didn't want us to eat refined sugar and flour he wouldn't have created it!
Julia: Um. Actually, people came up with the refining part. Not so sure that God had anything to do with that....and you're just avoiding responding to the fact that I would definitely be healthier if you weren't around so much.
BICJ: THERE YOU GO AGAIN. You blame me for everything!
Julia: Yes. Yes, I do. Because it's true.
BICJ: Well. You wouldn't have any fun at all if I weren't around. So there.
Julia: Back! Back BICJ! I'll show you! I can have fun without......without.....pie......maybe........dang..........::sigh::.
BICJ: Bwahahahahahahah!

You see my dilemma here, I'm sure. BICJ is so problematic.

I thought a bit about how I could defeat BICJ in this pie argument. It took awhile. And, to be honest, I'm not so sure that she still isn't winning this battle.

But. Here's my logic: I tried to isolate that element of pie that I found the most

I decided that the sweet cinnamon-y apple filling was what I was really craving. And, that even though there was no denying that I love a good pie crust, if I had to choose between the crust and the filling, the filling would win.

Lucky for me, our little apple tree in the backyard was loaded with ripe apples.  I sent John out to pick as many as were ready, then chunked them up and set them in my favorite pot and let them simmer away on the stove.

Mmmmm. I added fresh lemon juice and cinnamon, spooned most of it into freezer containers, and saved a bowlful in the fridge. Yep: still has zillions of carbs, but at least no refined sugars or flour. And I know that our apples are pesticide free.

A few years ago I dropped a big glass bottle of olive oil onto my poor stove. Took a hefty chunk out of the enamel, poor thing. Scarred forever. 

Substituting homemade unsweetened applesauce for pie? It works. For today. Beyond that I'm making no promises. 


ShEiLa said...

Miss Julia...

I know we have never met and thus I cannot claim I 'know' you... however what I know of you I find extremely familiar... like you sound a whole lot like me. (I just don't have the talent for writing you do... or maybe I haven't put forth the effort.)

I have not met anyone yet that is perfect with their diet... but my hubby is pretty darn close and that is a hard act to follow.


Nicole said...

Mmmmm..... I love homemade apple sauce! Maybe this pie crust could help you out?

Anita Rowe Stafford said...

I think you should humor the brat now and then! You know "all things in moderation"! But then maybe that's my BIC speaking!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia

We have also been on the look-out for healthier sweet treats: focusing on ingredients that are less likely to be inflammatory and that provide good-for-you nutrients while they give you a sweet fix. This is especially important for my daughter with lupus who also has frequent dips in blood sugar and needs to keep her physical and brain energy up for studying.

We discovered about a year ago and can vouch for nearly every recipe listed under 'Cakes, biscuits, pies & breads' on her site. Instead of complicating things and substituting zillions of different flours for white flour, she mainly uses almond meal. This makes everything higher in protein and omega-3s and lower in carbs - and it makes baked goods so sweet and moist. To keep costs down, we buy natural almonds from the farmers' market and grind them ourselves. I haven't made it yet,but I noticed today that she even has an apple pie recipe, made with a ground almond crust. I think that is going to be an absolute must-try for you. Please let me know how it turns out! xx Andrea