Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Thrill Is Gone

"Tossed aside like some dirty laundry......sniff, sniff....." 

Candy the cane and I are still trying to come to some kind of amicable existence over here.

I find myself leaving her in various places. Or just hopping into Goldie and then zooming off without her.

She's not happy about that.

"You're ASHAMED to be seen with me, is that it?!"

No, no, Candy, really....

"MmmHmmm. All the other cane owners go around proudly with their canes. At their sides every stinkin' MINUTE. But me? Nooooooo! I get thrown across the couch, tossed over a chair back, stuffed under the car seat....."

Candy. It's not that I don't appreciate you, I really do. But sometimes I just.........forget. It doesn't take all that long for me to miss you. Really.

"Oh, sure. Use me then lose me. I see how it is."

And, I have to admit. I feel like a different person when I walk with you. I feel.......I don't know......just not like ME. I feel like somebody that needs a cane. And I can't say that I like that feeling all that much, honestly. Even if you help me a great deal. When we first met, everything was new and exciting. But, I have to be truthful here.......the thrill is gone. It's gone, babe.

"So THAT's why all my paper flowers have fallen off and you haven't done a thing about it! You want to leave me!! I knew it! Sob!"

Oh, brother. This relationship is going to take some work, I can tell.

Walking with a cane is weird. I have to think about most every step I take. I have to make sure that my posture is correct, that I'm putting enough weight on the cane, and that it's synched exactly with my stride in order for me to get pain relief from it's use. Otherwise I may as well just not use it at all.

After faithfully using the cane for about a week, I found myself just.......walking around pain free. For a while. But it didn't take long to realize that the pain came back quickly without it's use.


I see my physical therapist today and we need to have another talk about just exactly how long I need to nurture this Candy/Julia thing. It's kind of like Candy/Julia relationship therapy. We're both going in to see our therapist. And we need to learn how to work things out.

I just hope it's not a long-term commitment.

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FFW said...

Clearly, you need a 10-year-old girl to bling it out for you---Gorilla Glue and some sparkle, and you won't forget her again!