Monday, August 20, 2012

My Couch is Not My Friend

See that squished down spot in my couch cushions? Right between the cushion on the right and the center one? butt has done it's damage to the poor couch over the years. But that's my favorite spot. Obviously. So the reason that it's one of my favorite spots to plant my fanny is because of this:

Which usually is plunked on the coffee table right in front of the squished couch cushions. And, when it's there, I'm either hunched over in front of it, or stretched out after I've changed my position from sitting/hunching, to lying/craning-my-neck-to-look-at-the-computer-balancing-on my-tummy.

A couple years ago, I realized that these couch postures weren't doing me any good. At all. And that when I had cramped and aching muscles in my upper back, it was probably due to the fact that I wasn't sitting in a proper position at the computer. So I created this wonderful little niche complete with adequate lighting, a bookshelf, an ergonomically correct chair, and a GREAT window through which I could keep an eye on the goings on in the neighborhood.  

Like Gladys Kravitz.

Check out Gladys Kravitz's windowpanes. They're just like mine, even.

Hey.......hey, now!! That's where the similarity ends, people....! (My hair is longer than Gladys' and I part it on the opposite side.)

Although my friend Karen does call me Gladys. We enjoy sitting out on my front porch kvetching while rocking in my wicker rockers and keeping an eye on the neighbors. I call Karen Gertrude just because it seems that someone named Gladys should have a friend named Gertrude... But I digress...

Somehow over this summer, I have migrated from my productive posture perfect corner back to the couch. And, hm. Those aching muscles have returned.


So. Today's post is brought to you from my little corner instead of the couch, which encourages bad things like back pain and a significant decrease in physical exercise.

Well, now. Wonder when the neighbors planted that new see the teenager across the street has a girlfriend......and she drives a little white car......been there for at least two hours, now........

I can see that I'll be trading sore back muscles for a stiff neighborhood-watching neck.

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