Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gone to the Birds

They're everywhere.

D#2 loves bird images, and used them in her wedding invitations, chose a china pattern with them, and watches Portlandia. ("Put a bird on it..")

So it's a good thing that she's liking these feathered friends because we've been inundated with them, much to her delight.

Yes, Pinky. Besides being a fabulous waiter, we KNOW that you are a bird, too.


Unknown said...

"Put a bird on it" cracks me up . . . I even have a blog post coming up about how I rescued a vintage blazer by putting a bird on it!

Amy Junod said...

Love, love and love the invites. Gorgeous and very classic.
How did I miss the napkin over Pinky's wing? has a Pinterest board devoted to blue birds. Very pretty art work that your daughter might enjoy.

ShEiLa said...

I love birdies too... so naturally I love this post.