Monday, August 13, 2012

Another Special Day....

Daughter #2's wedding shower was yesterday. It was a breathtakingly beautiful event with a tea party theme.

My task was to go around and "borrow" hydrangeas from the neighbors, (with their permission).....and then add roses and carnations to make several bouquets. What FUN.

Wonderful day.

Resting up.

See y'all tomorrow.


Amy Junod said...

Gorgeous bouquets! Those cows kill me. Ya'll are hilarious! (I'm guessing that the soon to be in-laws have the same sense of humor. Love attracts the familiar?) Pinky always knows how to dress for any occasion.
Best wishes for restful rehab!

annie said...

The cows look like maids in all their finery and I spotted Pinky in bow tie.....lovely pictures. I do so love your sense of humor!