Sunday, August 26, 2012

And Now You Know.........The REST of the Story

Image from USGS, found here. 

So......I have to tell you all about the behind-the-scenes stuff that went on last Thursday when I met with my congresswoman's staff regarding the Autoimmune Awareness Bill.

Of course I had to write my earlier post in a manner that didn't detract from the seriousness of this bill. It's important. The meeting was fantastic.

But I went with TERESE and my sister-in-law Mary, and y'all know what that means.


Oh, sure -- while we were all sitting in Mr. Hart's office these two put on their "Trust us. We're really serious people." faces. They EVEN made some very thoughtful, intelligent contributions to the conversation.


The second that we were outside, they couldn't contain themselves. Especially since two cannon were placed directly in front of our building.

Why the cannon? The Congresswoman's offices are located  in a historic building on a fort that dates back to the early 1800's:
The Hudson's Bay Company's Fort Vancouver was a surprising place: it was a headquarters and primary supply depot for fur trading operations, but employed more people at agriculture than any other activity. It was a large corporate monopoly that kept order and stability by employing many different ethnic groups. It was a British establishment, but the primary languages were Canadian French and Chinook Jargon. It represented British territorial interests, yet made American settlement in the Pacific Northwest possible. Even those who wished it gone praised the hospitality and assistance they found there.
Terese immediately loaded up the cannon.

We sighted in our target very carefully.

I forget what we were aiming for. Somewhere along the line Terese was taken prisoner. She surrendered without a struggle.....

....since straight shootin' Mary was manning the cannon.

Oh, brother. Can't take those two anywhere.

The military maneuvers completed, we walked over to a restaurant located in a beautiful house that previously had been one of several that housed fort officers and their families.

We had lunch on the veranda enjoying the beautiful afternoon. Mary and Terese FORCED me to have a muddled blueberry mojito, which was delicious.

And very potent. Zowie.


They poured me into Goldie, Terese took the wheel, and we headed for home.

Altogether a very satisfying experience. Um. From what I recall.....

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Heidi said...

Hi Julia ...sounds like a good day..Stupid ? I really love wine and beer but have not had any since this started...How did you mojito impact you if at all? Dryness, reflux? I guess if anything I am more concerned about my reflux issues. I can't help but think one small but delicious drink would be ok while on plaquenil...right???? :)