Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What A Match

.::hushed announcer tones::.

Welcome to the much anticipated croquet match between Godson and Uncle John here at the J and J world-class United States Croquet Association sanctioned court. It's a glorious evening for this competition between these two gentlemen.

Don't let their relaxed postures fool you, folks. This athletic duo has a long history of fierce competition.

After lengthy debate, these two croquet warriors have agreed upon a modified version of the official professional American court set-up.

Preferred court set-up. 

The modifications to the official court layout were inspected and approved by J and J's highly-regarded groundskeeper, who prefers to maintain his court surfaces with a mix of varied grasses and weeds rather than the more traditional grass varieties:

Suggested Minimum Cutting Heights Of Some Turfgrass Species
Very close0.2Creeping bentgrass
.Velvet bentgrass
Close0.3Colonial bentgrass
.Annual bluegrass
.0.4Chewings fescue
.0.5Perennial ryegrass
.Rough Bluegrass
Medium0.75Kentucky bluegrass
.1.0St. Augustinegrass
High1.5Red fescue
.Meadow fescue
.Tall fescue
.Fairway wheatgrass
Very high3.0Canada bluegrass
.Smooth brome

Here Groundskeeper BB, aka Baby Brother, performs a close examination of blade length and the modified circuit of play. 

The spectators in the galley (joined by Groundskeeper BB) awaited the first decisive stroke by Godson with baited breath. 

They were not disappointed, as Godson took careful aim and whacked the ball with precision.....

.....leaving Uncle John to contemplate strategy in the face of his opponent's stupendous skills. 

Fearful that his chances of winning this match were significantly diminished, Uncle John called for a rules variance which would allow a baseball-style method of ball-whacking. Godson graciously gave his consent, and assisted in the delivery of the croquet ball pitch.

The match was suspended briefly as Official Croquet Referee Lulu, sporting a black and silver uniform, contemplated this highly unusual technique. Moments later, she grudgingly allowed play to continue.

"I can't BELIEVE I allowed that...."

Play then proceeded at a relentless pace...

.....until Julia, one of the esteemed J and J Croquet Court owners, declared a brief blueberry break.

Refreshed and re-invigorated, Godson completed his victory with one masterful stroke, celebrating his win with the traditional lap around the grape arbor.

We are pleased to report that Uncle John accepted defeat gracefully, although was heard to comment that he looked forward to their next meeting: "Just wait till next time, big guy...."

......to which Godson spiritedly replied, "Anytime. Anywhere. I'm there."

Then zoomed off to his next match amid crowds of adoring fans.

We, too, look forward wholeheartedly to their next meeting. 


Vicky said...

Too cute!!!!

ShEiLa said...

Thanks for the smile. Blueberry break? In your yard no less... wow I am reminded time and time again how I love the Northwest.

Love the photos!