Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Mice Invasion Will Continue! YESSSSSSS!

I want to thank everyone for their emails and comments regarding my recent wah-wah-wah thing.

Y'all are great. Seriously.

But I wanted to explain just a bit more about why my reaction to my prednisone cataracts was similar to "Chicken Little and the sky falling", to quote my friend Shara. Who also made the hilarious comment about cataracts: "I thought they were as easy to treat as warts are...."

Ha! Oh, I've got this interesting mental picture that equates cataracts with warts......goodness gracious. Thanks, Shara. Thanks a bunch, girlfriend.

I promise not to unleash BICJ again here, but I think the reason she really went hysterical actually had very little to do with the cataracts.

I was worried about the implications that this had on my rituximab treatments, since protocol with these infusions require very large doses of prednisone, both oral and IV. Would these dumb stupid cataracts indicate that I wouldn't be able to receive these treatments anymore, and just when I was feeling as though I was reaping the benefits?

During my appointment with the always excellent Dr. Young Guy, he put my fears to rest.

"No.....I'm not worried about the prednisone that goes with the rituximab protocol. It's the ongoing daily dose that has me concerned with the cataract thing. So since you're doing so well with the rituximab, we'll plan on continuing those infusions. We'll just taper you off the daily stuff."

Ahhhhhhhh. This was very VERY good news. So good, in fact, that I was happy to give him his latest treat: chocolate mousie truffles.

Is that the cutest thing ever, or what?? They're made by Moonstruck Chocolates, a fabulous chocolate shop in Portland, OR. Wonder if I could shamelessly copy these somehow.....hmm......darn. Research and development of chocolate truffles can be so trying.....but, if I must, I must. Sigh.

Betcha I know some folks that wouldn't mind being part of the research team.


annie said...

I'll be waiting in line for my share.

Suzy said...

At the risk of sounding like a valley girl, that is the cutest truffle ever! I bet it is SWEET! Yum. If you want someone to try out your experiments I volunteer. I would want you to tax your family with those pesky experiments. Enjoy working on them.