Monday, July 16, 2012

Still In the Wedding Mode

So. As you may recall, Son's wedding was a roaring success. Woo hoo! They're home from the honeymoon, and yesterday served us lunch from their brand spankin' new china and silverware. Such fun to laugh and discuss the wedding and look at honeymoon pictures.

Ahhh. To be young and have a houseful of wedding gifts.....

No time to be complacent, however, since wedding for daughter #2 is fast approaching in mid-September.

I told D#2 that I wanted to be responsible for sending out the invitations, since it would be so much easier for me to actually pick them up from the printers, to gather all of the addresses and collect the RSVPs, but last Thursday as I arrived home with the bagful of very lovely invitation pieces and parts.......I remembered one problem.

My handwriting, even at my healthiest, isn't that great. And now that I have added an albuterol inhaler, prednisone, and probably a cup or two of coffee per day, my writing has deteriorated to absolutely atrocious.

I think even the bag from this company is fabulous. 

Hm. What to do........I briefly thought about running out some computer printed address stickers, but after reading a wedding etiquette book back for my son's wedding, remembered that hand written addresses for the invitations is preferred.

Then I remembered that two of my friends, both of whom are teachers and have amazing TEACHER PERFECT handwriting had offered to help me with the wedding. "Anything. Anything at all!" they had said.

Bwahahahaha. I rubbed my hands together gleefully, dug my cell phone out of my bra, and hit speed dial. So Saturday, they appeared at the house, promising to exercise their penmanship talents until A): All of the invitations were compiled and addressed, or B): Writers cramp incapacitated them.

Bless their hearts.

We set up an assembly line: I put all the stuff into the envelopes, and by the way.........yikes, there's lots of bits and pieces and doo dads and cards that go with invitations these days, aren't there?......and then stamped everything that needed one.


Susan and Naomi addressed for two and a half hours. TWO AND A HALF HOURS.

I owe them......well, I owe them something really, really big. Y'all have to help me come up with some kind of appropriate thank-you gift.


ShEiLa said...

Nothing like good friends to help you out when you are not quite up to the task. *Ü*

Sounds like you are having a struggle and it sounds all too familiar. (I have asthma... do you?)

One wedding in a year per family is more than plenty and I applaud you for your courage.


Gertrude said...

HOw about a nice pen set. :)

annie said...

I know I would really enjoy some a manicure or pedicure, some lovely teas/cookies, or a good book or some music, maybe a little plant or flowers?. What a big help they were to you. I cannot write the way I used to, as I start to scribble and I can't read my own handwriting!

Gill said...

Something for tired hands, a little hint of luxury maybe, maybe the sort of beautifully wrapped product that has the wow factor when opened, I haven't been to the Staes for nearly 30 years so don't know if things have changed. What always impressed me were the wonderful packagings that were available in small shops. I think I would settle for the kind of little soaps that are hand made. Are there any with a flamingo on them, why doesn't Pinkie do the thank you card for getting you out of a fix? I think they would love that.