Monday, July 30, 2012

I Think I'll Keep Her

You knew it had to happen, didn't you? In the process of bonding with my new assistive device, I've had to name it.

Meet Candy. The cane.

I took her on a test run to Mass this morning, and I have to say she performed admirably. I briefly thought about leaving her in Goldie during church.......but decided that I would probably have to give in and walk her around during Mass sooner or later. So it may as well be sooner.

I'm liking walking without pain.

As far as blinging Candy, I had an excellent suggestion from my college buddy Kathy, who shares the whole joint and cataract issues with me. I just wish we also shared her petite size. Ah, well....

Kathy wrote: "I have seen many patients in our Joint Center with a wide assortment of cane sleeves.  They are skinny cloth sleeves they sew a seam to fit over the cane (remove the end stopper first, add the sleeve, then replace the stopper).  I've seen Packer, Badger, flowers, colored stripes, holiday name it.  Not sure if they have hit Washington state....but they are popular here.  They said they make and sell them at the senior craft center.  The best accessory I have seen is a child's bicycle bell and horn.  I can see you having fun with the bike bell."

A bike bell! Or, better yet, one of those Aooogaaa horns! Kathy knows me too well.

I love a shopping quest!

Hang in there Candy, honey. Your plain-Jane cane days are numbered.

Fabulous, Dahlink.


Blogger Mama said...

Love your fabulous approach to this Julia dahling! :o)

Amy Junod said...

Love the name! Can't wait to see how dolled up Candy can get. I'm thinking she'll be decked out for every season and holiday. Pinky might get jealous.

ShEiLa said...

I really love that you find the positive fun in every situation. Cane sleeves... I love the idea. I also love the name.


Anonymous said...

Love the Candy Cane ideas. You will have to have to share with us “Candy’s “ new Bling from time to time. J Since you help others out from so much with your advice, I thought I would share with you something I found helped me lately with some pain I have been having . I saw in your picture of “ Candy” you had on the cutest sandals ! We share the Cute Shoe Syndrome, CSS, as well.
Though I don’t need a cane, I did have to give in to the “Sensible” shoes lately. I love my shoe collection . I had shoes for every occasion. I guess I felt no matter how much weight I gained, or how much pain I was in, even on a bad day, I had to have cute shoes! I recently went through my closet and had to say Good Bye to some old favorites. L .
Here is how it went down..Anything with much of a Heal had to go, Stilettos, haven’t worn them in years anyways..why I still had them ? ..gone , Boots , Pumps, Sandals and Flip Flops all most all gone. My rule of thumb was… No arch / No support / No Mercy…gone , also anything that the heals were worn unevenly …all Gone. Let’s face it , we have enough going on we don’t need to add to the pain or take the chance of falling.

Well I will just say …that freed up some closet space! Now in my closet I only have shoes with well supported arches and no skid or Rubber sole bottoms for less chance of falling. I have insoles that I can put in the shoes I have left . I bought a pair of Tennis Shoes well fit to my specific needs. I rarely wore tennis shoes before but these feel great. Also I have found certain name brands you can find safe, comfort fitting and still pretty cute shoes and even Sandals ! It has helped with some of the pain in my lower extremities a lot. I couldn’t believe how much. So even though I hated to do it I am glad I did. Be sure the shoes you wear not only look good ,but feel good and are safe as well. Take Care of yourself…..