Friday, July 13, 2012

I Have a Personal Question......

.......for y'all.

.::deep breath::. foot shuffle and shifty eye you Farkle?

I have to admit that I do. Repeatedly. Every day. And it's all because awhile back while my friend Karen was visiting, she showed me this seemingly innocent dice game. Then left. Leaving me to Farkle without restraint.

It all started kind of like the dealer on the street corner routine: "Hey, kid......yeah, you there with the unibrow and plus sized capris.....c'mere. Every try THIS? .::whips out iphone with Farkle graphics enticingly flashing::. "I'll give ya one game for free."

Um, gee, I don't know if I should......

"Chicken. Baby. Gonna go ask yer MAMA? Betcha can't even get through one game."

Oh, yeah?! Just watch me! .::iPhone yoink::.

Ah, and then it begins. So, so sad to see addictive behavior develop in a grown adult woman......It's getting bad, here people.

I Farkle while I'm supposedly watching TV. I Farkle when I'm supposedly writing blog posts. I Farkle when I'm supposed to be falling asleep in bed....

And yes. I Farkle in the bathroom.


Is there a Farkle Anonymous? Or maybe a Farkle patch that I could wear to ease me out of this addiction? I wonder if I'd need some serious in-patient Farkle treatment to wean me off this game that's more irresistible to me than......than......chocolate.

That's bad.

And what's even worse, is that I have now figured out how to Farkle AND eat chocolate.

I may need a Farkle intervention.


Amy Junod said...

Ha! Funny post. SO needed a laugh. Leading the sheltered life down here in dry ol' Texas I have not heard of Farkling. If it involves chocolate and a smart phone it can't be that bad for you. Farkle on.

Karen said...

Oh sure...blame me for your Farkling. If I don't remember telling you, am I still to blame? If Julia Farkles and no one hears her; does it count?