Friday, July 27, 2012

Carrying the Torch for Sjogren's

Awesome sjoggie Venus Williams found here

I can't wait for the Olympics opening ceremony to begin tonight! Are y'all watching? What events are you most interested in?

I was thrilled to see Venus Williams taking part in the Olympic torch run a few days ago at Wimbledon.  I was even happier with her tweet: "To carry the olympic torch on World Sjorgrens Day represents strength 2 triumph for every1 with autoimmune disease!"

That's our girl! Bring on the games! And let the best woman win.....


Sue said...

I'll be glued to the tv for the duration. I love the olympics. I'll be watching the equestrian events, rowing, kayaking, the pool, and track. I hope the US tops China in the medal count and I hope Canada does really, really well.

Suzy said...

How fantastic is that; just think, Venus Williams is being a voice for those of use with autoimmune diseases. That is so awesome.