Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ask Away

One of my favorite sections of the Moisture Seeker's Newsletter published by the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation is the "Ask the Doctor", so I was delighted to see that the SSF is looking for more questions to direct to their Sjogren's experts.

This found on the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation Facebook page:
What questions do you want to ask a doctor about Sjögren’s?
     The Foundation is collecting general questions about Sjögren’s for our “Ask the Doctor” section of an upcoming issue for The Moisture Seekers, our monthly patient newsletter, and we want your input! Either leave your question as a comment or email it to tms@sjogrens.org with the subject line “Ask the Doc.”
     We will keep the questions anonymous in the Newsletter but want to know what information you’re interested in.
What questions would YOU ask? Let us know -- then send them over to the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation at tms@sjogrens.org.

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