Thursday, June 14, 2012

Take Me Away

Last weekend, the weather was just crummy. Cold, rainy.....and I was cranky.

This shocks you, I'm certain.

My crankiness, I mean......

So I whined around the house long enough until John took the hint and stopped working his way through the "weekend honey-do" list, bless him, and asked if I wanted to just go for a ride. We'd find some sunshine and have an early dinner.

I hugged him, we hopped into Goldie, and headed East.

Dang. I forgot to take Canon. Iphone pictures aren't nearly as good. We headed into the rain and the clouds and up into the Cascades.

Bleah. What a grainy picture. It made me even crankier. But this made me less grumpy:

I love crossing the mountains.

Little by little, the rain disappeared, and suddenly......we saw patches of blue. Seems as though there's almost always bits of sunshine on the East side of the Cascades.

Oooooo. Ahhhh. See the person on the left side of this picture? That craaaazzzzyyy man was preparing to put his body and his wind surfing board into the Columbia river which at this time of the year is very high, swift, and full of glacier melt-off. Brrrrr. Good thing he had a thermal wetsuit on. But I still say he was crazy.

Unlike this man, who is amazing.

We stayed just long enough to grab a quick McDonald's supper and soak up a few sunbeams......

 .......then headed back home.

And back into the rain.

It's amazing what just a couple hours with John and Goldie can do for my spirits.

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ShEiLa said...

Plenty of sun where I am... too much sun. 105 degrees yesterday... by 10am it was 95.

I am so jealous of your weather... one day when I grow up I am going to live there... and leave this dry hot desert.