Sunday, June 10, 2012

Smile For The Camera

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With my son's wedding approaching at the speed of light, it's going to be hard for me to think about anything but the impending nuptials for the next week. I'll try to throw in the occasional semi-serious type post when I can, but I know my strengths, and staying focused and serious before a big life event is definitely not one of them. Y'all are stuck with wedding bell-like posts for the next week or so.


So in preparation for the big hoo-rah, Greg and Terese have purchased a brand spankin' new video camera and have volunteered to video the ceremony. I thought this was one of the most generous gestures EVER. Until Greg brought his new toy along to his birthday party last night.

Oh, and happy birthday, Greg! You young thing, you.

Yeah. Well. So he took this teensy little piece of hardware out of an itty bitty box and showed it to us -- wow, those things are so small these days. I remember when we used to rent a camcorder a few times a year just to video the kids when they were little. It was this behemoth thing that John had to sling over his shoulder and had monster cables trailing along behind it.

How times have changed.

Neato! I told him. What a cool camcorder! And then....

He pointed it at me and pushed the record button.

Hey! Put that thing away!

"How do you like being on the receiving end of the whole camera thing, Julia? Hmmmm?", said Greg smugly as the red light was flashing and my frizzy hair, triple chin, and makeup-less face was being recorded for all posterity.

Not much, Greg, buddy old pal. Not much at all. Gimme that thing.

I marveled as I panned around the table, with Terese sticking her tongue out and John feigning picking his nose.

Ok -- to clarify -- I marveled at how easy the thing was to use, not in response to my dinner companions' reactions. I'm used to these people. I turned the record button off, and examined the camera. I noticed that it was small enough that I could just indefinitely pack it away in my purse or wherever to avoid more audio/visual Julia documentation. But then I realized that this probably wouldn't be wise seeing as:

a) Greg and Terese would notice that it was missing. Eventually.
b) After which I'd probably suffer bodily harm.
c) Greg promised to video my son's wedding, and would probably need this device to do so.


I HATE seeing myself on video. I may need to learn how to do some serious video editing.........after the wedding.

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