Saturday, May 19, 2012

Step Right Up, Folks!

Anyone who has had to endure those days in which one has to be boringly rest-ful knows that those hours pass sloowwwwllly.

I try to amuse myself with normal things during my down days, really, I do. I watch movies, I read, I call my mom, I text my kids. But I can only tolerate a certain amount of normalcy in my day.

It's times like those that I find entertainment in the darndest places. Like yesterday morning, for example. I'm definitely on the upswing, energy wise, but still metering it out pretty carefully. So I opted out of my usual Friday morning volunteer time at church and sat around twiddling my thumbs.

Twiddle twiddle twiddle......

Then I realized that it was time to fill my medication boxes. Whoooeeeee. Big fun, that. BUT - a low energy task that needed to be done. So I grabbed my blue shoebox full of pill bottles and sat down to start counting the little rascals.

I have come to appreciate a talent developed after years and years of practice filling two weeks worth of plastic boxes: I can pour a handful of pills and determine their heft and weight, then decide approximately how many are in my hand. I begin dropping them into their slots, and whaddya know? There are many, many times that I have estimated the exact number of pills that I need.

Amazing! Astounding! Cue the circus sideshow music! I need to go on tour and charge outrageous amounts of money for people to view my pill skills!

Terese can be my barker. No, wait.....she can play the steam calliope! We'll make a fortune.

Strange. I'm suddenly craving cotton candy.......

You can buy your very own circus book pictured above here. 

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FFW said...

I, too, have felt the unique exhilaration of a perfect pill grab. Not unlike grabbing a small stack of cards only to find out you have exactly enough to deal 7 to each person in your party.