Monday, May 21, 2012

Have You Read This One?

The May update from the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation includes this review of a book which may be of value to those sjoggies balancing work with autoimmune disease:

Women, Work, and Autoimmune Disease  

Women, Work and Autoimmune Disease, by Rosalind Joffe and Joan Friedlander, is a book for women living with chronic illness that encourages them to stay employed by utilizing specific tips and tactics to be successful.   

The authors take a hard, yet inspirational look at what it takes to be successful in a job while managing a chronic illness, including developing strategies and tactics, evaluating communication skills, building a support team, and considerations for self-employment.  

This light read will encourage you to take control of your professional career. First-person accounts in the show how women challenged themselves to keep working and illustrates the importance of finding a balance with managing ones chronic illness and working.

Click Here to purchase the book online (you must login first to receive your member discount for online purchases) or by calling the Foundation's office at 800-475-6473

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I haven't had an opportunity to read this book. Have you? What did you think? Let us know.


Kate S. said...

I did read it, back when I hoped to be able to get back to work. Well done, practical advice, including an ongoing discussion of the value of staying engaged with the world outside your home and sickness.

I personally found it a frustrating book, not because of the what the authors wrote, but because by the time I read it, it was becoming clear that I was not going to be able to sustain work.

One of the authors now has a consulting business that helps people with chronic disease come up with strategies for working.

Anonymous said...

I was not even aware it exist, now I will try to find it. Thanks Julia, you're always wonderfull to give ideas, tips, and usefull informations.

Jenny P said...

I bought it and was very excited...but haven't gotten far into it. I actually greatly disliked it - I felt like it missed its target. To tell the truth, I actually began marking it up with my frustrated responses & thoughts, then finally put it aside because I have better things to do with my rare free time than get annoyed. But, a lot of people seem to like it so I wouldn't tell someone NOT to read it.