Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Hammock is a Great Place to Think

We've been blessed with spectacular weather over the last few days, and the forecast looks great for the rest of the week.

I figured it was time to bring out my boingy-boingy hammock chair. Ahhhhh. I love this thing.

So I was swinging and enjoying the cool clear evening last night as I happily remembered last weekend's events. I still need time to comprehend the amazing wedding shower that my friends put together for my son and his fiance. I wasn't allowed to do a thing.....as a matter of fact, as I was taking a two hour mid-morning nap before the shower, my friends were bustling around downstairs making everything perfectly beautiful.

Before I headed upstairs for said nap, I was watching Paul washing up the breakfast dishes and Karen and Sarah wiping down the countertops. "You know, it's so hard to just let you guys do all this...." I said.

Karen stopped mopping the counter and looked at me. "You want us to not do so much? We don't want to hurt your feelings or anything." She looked concerned.

I laughed. "Well, I wouldn't go that far.......nah, just keep on keeping on..." and headed up the stairs listening to them chuckle.

But it is an interesting mix of emotions, I thought. On one hand, it's so hard to swallow my pride and let others do tasks in my own house. But -- had these good folks not done the work, and I had attempted to, two things would have happened: first -- the shower would not have happened. I just wasn't capable of putting out that much energy. And second -- even if I had somehow put something similar together, I would not have been conscious for the actual party.

So. Pride swallowed. Julia rested. Party perfect.

Dang. Once I am feeling better, I need to think of a way to thank everyone. Hm. More mouse cookies?

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Gill from the other side of the Big Pond said...

Great weather! Wow, not over here, rain, rain and more rain, setting records for the amount of rain falling, all with hose pipe bans because of lack of rain beforehand! Could be a wet Jubilee and a soggy Olympics.

You are blessed to have such wonderful people around you, good friends are special, the ones who travel though life with you and don't drop by the wayside. Got any alphabet cookie cutters? Spell 'thank you dear friends'

Glad everything went so well.