Saturday, May 12, 2012

Busy busy busy...

I wish I had enough energy to properly explore this beautiful area! As it is, however, I'm just thankful that I've been able to hang in there through all the tasks ( talking to florists and bakeries and caterers and church folks) and remain upright during the socializing.

As always, being near the ocean seems to bring me renewal so quick catnaps in the B and B while listening to the waves have been my salvation.

Oh, and Terese? Remember your JOB while I was on this trip? The one where you were supposed to send "anti-blab" vibes my way?

And John, honey? Ahem? The SECRET WORD strategy?

Sigh. Not working. Not working at all, people.

I think our problem here -- yes, the dreaded flapping Julia lip syndrome -- was seriously exacerbated by the addition of a very nice pinot noir to the mix over dinner last night.

And I was doing SO WELL up until that point.

I suppose these nice people were destined to learn the truth eventually. And, I suppose that I am fortunate that I have avoided any major goober incidents or wardrobe malfunctions ...... so far.

Send good thoughts my way, guys.

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Gertrude said...

I am sure you are doing fine and they they love you warts and all! Glad you are having a successful trip. Rest well and share a nice ocean picture with us.